Beauty Counter Culture began as an idea about a decade and a half ago; it inspired lectures and get-togethers and vast beauty brainstorming events. But it goes back further than that.

Once upon a time when the internet was a vast wasteland of identical grey pages, former celebrity makeup artist Rachel Weingarten decided to bring some beauty to the web. She created or co-created some of the earliest and most beloved beauty websites including the original PlanetPretty, Airkisses, Wedding Belles and others. Rachel also consulted for brands like Estee Lauder, Johnson & Johnson, Gillette, Sears, and Benefit who were trying to figure out how best to bring their own beauty and female friendly brands online. Like the proverbial shoemaker’s children, she didn’t have that much time to create her own beauty, lifestyle and culture hub…until now, that is. Stay tuned as Beauty Counter Culture grows to encompass news, trends, product reviews and analysis, culture and more.

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