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Mermaid Approved Beauty

August 15, 2018

Mermaids for days

Every few years the trend gods present the rest of us with the catchy ingredients or phrases that will set our beauty product loving hearts aflutter. For the past few years, mermaids have definitely been having a moment. From soaps to lounge-wear, from books to beauty, from cupcakes to aquatic lessons for mono-finned fans, the mythical creature has been everywhere, especially in beauty products.

Legend and lore

So, why are we so intrigued with all things mermaid related? Starbucks logo aside, mermaids have always been half feared (In Greek legend the siren song lured sailors to a watery grave) and mostly desired (remember Splash?). In fact, Coney Island‘s annual Mermaid Parade celebrated its 36th anniversary early this summer with an estimated 10,000 spectators and participants. But back to the beauty of mermaid merch.

Also beauty products

Earlier this summer Bath and Body Works sent a pink trunk full of mermaid inspired beauty swag my way. The idea was adorable, the presentation phenomenal, the names and branding incredibly clever (Sea-Tox!), and the products bountiful. So bountiful in fact, that it took me a while to actually test them out. Here’s what I discovered – everyone really does love a mermaid.

The products smelled heavenly and worked well. And everyone I shared a random product with smiled when they saw the packaging. It didn’t matter their age or stage, there was a grin in recognition of being able to try out some mermaid mojo for a while.

So, were these mer-mazing products better than anything else I’ve tried from Bath and Body Works? Maybe. I honestly have no idea. But I’m convinced that they really did have a bit of magic in them, and after everything, isn’t that why we treat ourselves to beauty products in the first place?

Photo credit: Bath and Body Works

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