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Milani Stellar Lights – The Best of Blurred (Price) Lines

August 1, 2018

You glow girl!

If you’ve skimmed through the beauty bunch on Instagram, or as much as glanced at a wannabe reality TV show star you’ll likely have noticed highlighter as a prominent presence. Between the twinkling cheekbones and frosty brow bones, there’s nearly as much shimmer on TV as there are Kardashians.

The cult of Anastasia

One of the more popular brands for the past few years has been Anastasia Beverly Hills whose Glow Kits launches are met with nearly as much anticipation as a British Royal baby. And rightly so. The ABH kits are both highly pigmented and delicately sheer. They add more of a gleam rather than a heavy dose of shimmer. Not to mention the blendability factor which makes them easy to use even if you find yourself intimidated by shimmer.

The drugstore contender for the crown

While I can be a makeup snob, I’ve found myself ever fascinated by Milani as a brand. While the packaging in general isn’t anything to write home about, the products themselves can be much more impressive than your average drugstore brand. They don’t skimp on pigments, which means a more even and lasting application and you won’t notice a lot of color separation which can sometimes happen with drugstore brands, and the lip products offer a classic look instead of a heavy application. And man do I love the Stellar Lights Highlighter Palette in rose glow.  The product description touts the formula as being “buildable” which means you can layer it without looking like you’ve just troweled it on. I loved the fact that the shimmer stays put and whether you’re using it as an eye shadow or inner eye highlight, the effect is adornment rather than overwhelming. I’ve spent small fortunes on Christian Dior highlighters only to have had a hard time finding a way to blend the colors with the rest of my look. I think I received this one as a PR sample, but I’d happily have shelled out the $13.00 for it, the quality easily feels worth double or triple that, but I’m glad it’s affordable. Milani highlighter palette is stellar indeed!

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