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Indie Beauty Trends

September 5, 2018

Indie beauty for all!

One of my favorite emerging beauty companies is ILNP (I Love Nail Polish) a small nail polish company out of Nevada that hand blends every batch. The colors, textures and attention to detail make this a brand worth watching (and splurging on)>

I missed the Indie Beauty Expo a few weeks back, which was a mega-event that took place at Pier 36 – in over 75,000 square feet of new beauty goodness. To follow up, IBE Co-Founder, Jillian Wright shared some of her thoughts on what’s new and trending in the indie beauty world

Brands giving back:

Wright said a prominent trend for indies are brands committed to giving back. She said “Seabuck Switzerland, Eighth Day Skincare and RealHer, just to name a few,  have made this a part of their mission from day one.”

Along those lines, blue beauty is going to be a thing. “Blue Beauty,brands that specifically support ocean conservation like Osea Malibu and Honua Skincare, is really picking up steam as a trend,” said Wright. “Jeannie Jarnot coined this phrase, brands and retailers alike seem to be taking notice. With all the consciousness happening in indie, it wouldn’t surprise me if more brands continue to include social awareness and environmental sustainability within their mission.  Many of the founders are very aware of the goods they produce and the impact it has on the environment. Brands will continue to source better packaging that is not only gorgeous but recyclable or reusable.”

Zodiac, Mystical, Celestial:

Love things that aren’t easily explained? Wright mentioned “an influx in Zodiac-focused storytelling including the mystical and celestial— a lot of precious stones and gems are being incorporated into formulas.”

Repeat quirky ingredients:

She also said that “Baobab, Turmeric and Magnesium are ingredients that seem to keep popping up this season.”

Also potent ones Wright said “Another trend is sourcing highly potent ingredients from around the world, like sea buckthorn or CBD oil, and having them certified or tested by a third party.  Third party verification is very important especially if a brand is claiming to be organic, vegan, sustainably farmed, etc. People want to know exactly what they are getting and brands are taking it to the next level of transparency.  You will see less of the terminology “clean and green” because it will be moving towards transparency. The public do not want to feel duped anymore. They want to feel good about the brands they are supporting.”

So, what makes a brand truly indie?

Wright says it’s “about ownership, not worth.  To us, this means a brand needs to be owned and operated 50% independently.”

If you’re trying to find funding for your own indie brand, you might want to check out the BeautyX Summit which focuses on capital and funding.

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