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Weekend Skin

August 14, 2018

Sunday (fun day!)

A few years back Sunday Riley skincare burst on the scene and beauty fans took notice.

What’s most interesting about the eponymous brand (to me at least), isn’t the cult-like adulation it inspires, but rather the fact that founder Riley is actually a chemist reported to formulate all products. She isn’t just a quirky name with yet another line of skincare, she seems to have created a line based on her knowledge and understanding of skincare.

Follow the leader

Whenever something hits the big time, a flurry of copycat or inspired products follow suit. Note Baby Foot and the dozens of foot peels that followed. I’m not saying that’s the case with two new-ish skincare brands, but it’s fun to note that weekend skin seems to be officially a thing.

And then there’s Friday (and the weekend too)

K beauty brand Saturday Skin looks like a cute line, but it has some serious beauty chops as a property of Chaum, an aesthetic research group, hospital and wellness network with 15 hospitals and 27 research labs in Seoul, Korea.

Along those lines, Summer Fridays is a newer launch with one hero product to begin with- a jet lag mask. Founded by two beauty influencers who describe their product as including “good-for-you ingredients that gave our skin an immediate selfie-worthy glow.” If it feels a bit gimmicky, it probably is. The mask is a huge hit on Instagram, the international selfie epicenter and spawner of trends, some dubious, most short-lived.

So, does Jet Lag mask work? Maybe. But the fact that it exists at all is a testimony to the internet’s ability to create creators based on their ability to hopefully rally others to buy what they say they’re buying.