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An Alternative to Brotox

August 16, 2018

Botox for him?

In case you’ve missed it, there’s been a gentle flurry of commercials and advertisements showing perfectly airbrushed male model types who seem extremely happy to have discovered Botox. Or at least I’m assuming they’re happy, because their expressions are mostly frozen by said Botox.

Not sure about this whole post-Metrosexual grooming trend? Well, take note, men’s grooming and bath is big business and according to Euromonitor is projected to reach $60.7 billion by 2020 – up from $17.5 billion in 2015.

Boytox. Brotox. And now patches for him…

Meanwhile, back to the guy’s grooming trends. If boy Botox isn’t and will never be your thing, perhaps patches are.

SiO Beauty released a new collection geared to men that offers a gentler alternative to needles and procedures. The patches are made of silicon and said to hydrate wrinkles and lines overnight. Men’s skin is generally more oily with larger pores, so this won’t work for every guy.

Full disclosure, I’m no fan of Botox or gratuitous cosmetic procedures that seem to erase all expression or uniqueness and leave people looking eerily and unpleasantly alike, but that’s a personal thing. I do however, love products that seem to produce hoped for results even if the effects don’t quite last as long. Having personally used silicon (medical grade) patches on post-surgical scarring to phenomenal result, I’m intrigued with beauty lines that build on successful products and transform them for other uses.

Dr. Dendy Engleman, a noted derm lent her name to the launch and said the products are great for “those who are new to facial improvement, or for those who undergo in-office treatments already, and are looking to enhance and prolong the effects!” Interesting wording, since the hint of nip and tuck is there, along with the notion of simply adding to or enhancing the effect.

On a personal note:

Having tracked the men’s grooming trend for about a decade, and with a men’s grooming startup beneath my belt, I spent a good part of the beginning of the year in pre-development for a line of men’s grooming products. We canceled that project for various reasons, but it led me to an exciting new partnership and consultancy I hope to be able to share early in 2019.

Image credit: Sio Beauty

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