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The Meghan Effect on Freckles

June 14, 2018

Freckles go in and out of fashion like kitten heels or platforms…

From Dirrty to bare-faced

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Earlier this year Christina Aguilera revealed a different side of her formerly famously Dirrty self on the cover of Paper magazine.

Xtina 2.0 appeared to be a scraped clean, bare-faced, be-freckled version that seemed to leave behind her Mickey Mouse club cuteness, her early pop princess with a naughty side incarnation, her I’m-not-Britney, I’m-the-one-with-actual-talent-if-questionable-taste-in-hair/makeup/attire incarnation as well. It was in support of her new album Liberation which may have liberated her visually from her former image, but kept to her heavy vocals and presentation. So what gives?

Connect the dots

Fast forward a few months to what everyone is referring to as The Meghan Effect. Prince Harry’s new missus, the Duchess formerly known as Meghan Markle, seems to have set off a flurry of copycats in everything from more covered up wedding dresses to messy buns. Also freckles. Even tattooed on freckles. Wait, what?

Freckles, freckles, everywhere

Last year, Allure reported that faux freckles were having a moment on Pinterest. There’s even a somewhat new beauty product called Freck that creates the illusion of freckles. There are even application instructions that suggest you apply the product in constellations. Cute, right? Except for when it gets creepy.

Tattoo You

New Beauty magazine reports that in the weeks since the royal wedding, Atlanta cosmetic tattoo artist Gabrielle Rainbow has been “crazy busy” with customers in search of their own sun-kissed look. Only this version involves tattoo ink on your face, costs about $250.00 and lasts for up to 3 years. Microblading, the somewhat dubious practice of tattooing one’s eyebrows seems positively tame by comparison. It’s also a little dizzying considering how much of the Asian and African skincare markets are dominated by products meant to whiten and brighten skin, while the anti-aging skincare products in our own orbits seem focused on decimating age spots and sun damage.

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