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Crayola Beauty

June 10, 2018

Over the weekend ASOS, the online purveyor of all things trendy and affordable launched their beauty partnership with Crayola. The limited edition line includes a whopping 58 pieces (just a few shy of the iconic 64 color box of crayons) and includes crayons for every part of your face. They’re also multi-use, so you can use one shade as a lip tint or blush, depending on your mood or budget. Packaging includes the memorable rick rack stripe along with the 100-year old brand’s iconic yellow and green design so things look familiar, comforting and a little bit more interesting.

It’s a notable launch not just for the combination of a perennial childhood classic with an affordable fashion brand, but also an interesting take on the continuous saturation of the cosmetics market with new products; a nod to the Kawaii culture of cuteness from Japan; a tip of the hat to the adorably packaged Tony Moly and many K brands competing for eyeballs in ever crowding shelf space. Add to that the nostalgia of Gen Xers for their beloved and recently rebooted Lip Smackers along with the Millennials mixed feelings on adulting, and you have a timely launch with a lot of possibility. The ephemeral nature of the launch offers a built in gracious exit as well.


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