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In My Prime

January 29, 2019

One of the worst parts of winter is the endless heat indoors and freezing weather outside which can really do a number on your skin. I know that I’ve been looking for a product that would add a little oomph without looking cakey or Instagram-overdone. I found it in Paul & Joe Moisturizing Foundation Primer S.

It’s light enough that you don’t feel it weighing down your face or inspiring a new generation of blemishes. And while it’s theoretically sheer to the point of being invisible, it really does add a certain dewiness and low-key glow.

While I’m not sure that this is the product you’d use for a big night out, it’s perfect for daytime or any time you need a complexion boost.

The great: A sheer product that blends into nearly any skin tone and adds just a little something. Won’t sink into pores or creases.

The good: Easy to apply, and can be used underneath your base or CC or BB cream or worn alone.

The meh: This isn’t a heavy-hitter. If you have skin discoloration or sun spots you hope to hide, this product is not for you.

The final verdict: Perfect for when you want to perk up your skin without heavy product.

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