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Quinoa Talk About Wacky Ingredients?

August 13, 2018

Ancient grain, cutting-edge beauty products

Bad pun aside, I’ve been noticing that quinoa has been popping up not only in delicious dishes, but also in hair care treatments.

The first time I noticed the pilaf substitute as hair care add-in was with Lubricity, the multi-step frizz control solution. More recently, it was in the new launch from Paul Mitchell, Ultimate Color Repair Shampoo touted as having both anti-fade properties and “quinoa repair.”


So, what’s the deal with quinoa as a hair treatment?

One of the reasons people eat quinoa is for the health benefits- including copious amounts of Vitamin B2. Also known as Riboflavin, this nutrient is said to among other things, help heal wounds and boost skin elasticity. Ahh. Now we’re getting somewhere.

If you’ve ever cooked quinoa, you know that it’s considered done when the little squiggly parts seems to pull away from the round base. It almost pops open and seems visibly more elastic. So, does that action demonstrate the so-called elasticity that inspired the hair care products? Maybe. But the amount included in these treatments is probably too negligible to have such immediately visible or measurable results.

But back to the new launches. Having tried the Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner, I’m a fan. My highlights look less brassy– even in August– and my hair is shiny, and not too weighed down by product. I’d say it’s definitely worth trying.

Score one for quinoa in your hair.

Quinoa trivia: In 2013, there was something called the International Quinoa Research Symposium held in honor of the United Nations International Year of the Quinoa. And no, I did not make this up!


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