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Shiseido’s Reboot Makes Sense(s)

July 31, 2018

Classic brand, modern touches

Shiseido as a brand has always seemed like the very chic, slightly stand-offish but ultimately sweet new kid in school. So while a brand refresh is welcome, it’s interesting to note that the visuals accompanying it and some of the formulations seem a bit edgier than we might be used to. Come August 3rd, Shiseido promises new makeup that includes 21 products and 125 shades summed up by 4 defining textures that seem to tap into different parts of the 5 senses:

Gels: llustrated with runway friendly eyeliner and kanji figures describing uniqueness

Inks: A heavily made up eye and nude lip that bring to mind Gwyneth Paltrow flirting with bad girl mode

Powders: Represented by a perfectly groomed love child of K beauty and every Instagram beauty influencer toned down a bit

Dews: which appear to be the every day glow of muted strobing and highlighting.

In all, it looks like it’ll be a fun launch, though the new brand mantra “Beauty Reimagined. Beauty Made With Soul” feels slightly stuffy compared to what this teaser seems to have planned.



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