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So Jelly

September 6, 2018

Where are all the honeybees?

It’s National Honey Month which is a great reminder to pay attention to the very real danger of declining honeybee populations which in turn threatens global agriculture.

It’s also a good time to think about the myriad ways that honey and related products are part of our every day- from the sweetener in your chai, to the emollient in your favorite moisturizer.

Along those lines, there are a slew of great new products that incorporate bee-produced ingredients or byproducts.

All hail the queen bee:

While many beauty brands list honey as a key ingredient, a few go deeper to include royal jelly – a thick gooey paste secreted by honeybees for one reason alone- to nurture their queen bee (not to be confused with Queen Bey).

Royal Jelly is nutrient-rich (it contains all of the B vitamins) and prized in much of Europe and Asia and used as everything from a daily nutritional boost, to a hair thickener or health tonic. It’s also really great for skin, with the belief being that the ingredients that help the queen bee with her size and fertility, can improve the look, texture and youthful appearance of human skin.

Hey honey!

Jafra Royal is a skincare collection that uses royal jelly as its hero ingredient.The brand relies on something they call Royal Jelly RJX, which according to the website is “our latest innovation,” and “the result of 60 years of royal jelly expertise. JAFRA’s exclusive Royal Jelly RJX technology multiplies royal jelly’s benefits and delivers them with more power, potency and precision than ever before. It’s scientifically proven to deliver dramatic results — and only JAFRA has it.”

Some pretty bold claims. More than that, the brand promises that these products will help look up to 7 years younger while working to reduce 10 signs of aging. So, does it work?

I’m convinced:

While I’m naturally skeptical about overly effusive product efficacy claims, I’m always willing to test them out.

In the case of the Jafra Royal Revitalize collection, I dove right in and tried pretty much everything from the cleanser to the balm, to the various serums that target everything from sun spots to dryness. What can I say? I love pretty much everything about this line.

The textures are by turns light enough to be easily absorbed or rich enough to moisturize deeply. (And yes, I did use my rose quartz gemstone roller to apply the serums).

It’s been a long schvitzy summer and instead of looking parched from all that air conditioning, or worn out by the heat, my super sensitive skin is positively glowing.

If you choose one product to try out, I’d recommend the Longevity Balm which can be used night or day and gives you a good feel for the entire line.

In my opinion, Jafra Royal totally lives up to the advance buzz.

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