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The Sticky Truth

August 3, 2018

The deodorant gold rush

For the past few years, everyone from natural health care brands to posh dermatologists have been coming out with different brands of deodorants and antiperspirants. As a beauty and product junkie, I’ve pretty much tried them all to mixed results. If they smelled great, they usually didn’t leave me smelling that great. If they were declared all natural, they usually left me feeling cheated, as though I’d swiped on the black charcoal or aluminum glob, only to feel deflated after waiting for an active result.

I sweat the small stuff

By nature, I’m not a sweaty person, but this summer’s sweltering temperatures are challenging even my usually mild-mannered armpits. And so I’ve eagerly been testing out loads of new products and have been mostly disappointed.

The sometimes ugly truth

In my incarnation as a beauty writer I have a simple philosophy- I try to write about or feature products that I truly love or would stand behind. Sure, sometimes I cover the new and quirky and untested, but I try to offer disclaimers. I’m also not one of those writers who typically eviscerates a brand or product since I know that we all try so hard to create the best products possible.

From the brand development side, I also know how it can hurt when you’ve spent years developing and launching something only to have it met with overly critical reviews.

That said, on this blog I’d like to also present products that I don’t love. Products that perhaps don’t best represent the brand or support the other products in the line. I think it makes for a more interesting mix.

A great concept. A great brand. Not my favorite product

I really like DermaDoctor as a brand and have been covering their products for ages, so I was extremely excited to test out MED e TATE antiperspirant wipes. I was disappointed, though. While I understand that these are medicated towelettes meant to deal with heavier sweating, on the whole, I just didn’t enjoy using them. It made me realize that the actual enjoyment of a product counts for a lot. In this case, the smell was overwhelming, the texture made me uncomfortable and the stickiness turned me off in a big way.

The takeaway

Wine nerds talk a lot about mouth feel, but I don’t think cosmetics folks discuss texture in a way that goes past silky or light. I also realize that a strong company and a history of creating great products counts for a lot. This might not be my favorite product in the line, but I figure it’s a matter of personal preference. I don’t love Med e Tate, but I’ll still be back to see what DermaDoctor comes up with next.

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