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Beauty Unmasked

August 17, 2018

A company built on carrots

Yes To has built an ever expanding beauty empire of products infused with fruits and vegetables that impart a sense of both fun and luxury.

Their brand slogan celebrates their philosophy in a playful way “Skin care that’s free of the nasties and filled with the goodies” and to that end, each line in the brand is devoted to a single ingredient including cucumbers to calm your skin, tomatoes to detox or coffee to energize. Sold in over 27,000 stores, the affordable products run the gamut from cleansers to masks for every type of skin ailment. But back to those masks for a minute.

Masks for days

Like many beauty brands, Yes To has embraced the masking craze including newly launched bubbling paper masks inspired by the K Beauty trend that enthralled Instagram influencers and beauty vloggers a few years back. And along with the new crop of masks for every skin issue you can imagine, they created a product that incorporates two of the trendiest ideas in skincare right now.

And something to remove them

I love nothing better than deceptively simple products that embrace current trends while creating a niche and satisfying a need. Case in point, Yes to Cucumbers Calming Mask Removing Wipes which combines the current love affair with using wipes for pretty much everything while tackling the ooey gooey mask residue users face after masking. It’s so simple as to be utterly ingenious.

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