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Sunscreen: Make it Snappy

July 30, 2018

A new generation of sunscreen

Which do you hate worse, applying gloopy, sticky sunscreen or living with sun damage? A new device makes it practically painless to embrace the former while hopefully avoiding the latter.

SnappyScreen is an immersive sunscreen application device that allows you to almost shower yourself with sunscreen in 10 seconds. It’s been launched at several beachy destinations including a tony Hampton’s yacht club. How does it work? Step into a shower-like booth and close your eyes or wear sunglasses. You’ll be sprayed with a fine mist of SPF ranging from 10-40.

While it’s not a device that most of us will encounter or be able to use on  a daily basis, it tackles some major issues including sun protection and reef protection, since it’s both waterproof and reef friendly.

h/t NYPost

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